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Chillout quality and performance in a Formula size. The compact and powerful Cypher weighs only 5.7 lbs. The system packs enough power with dual 175 CFM fans to keep you cool, focused, and in control. With all the features of its big brothers, this cooler is the essential companion for small cabins/cockpits or weight-sensitive race applications. 
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Quantum Cooler series of coolers are the most powerful and portable cooling systems ever designed for motor sport. Requiring no ice, this driver cooling system is completely maintenance free, running solely off the strength of a rotary micro-compressor that is as powerful as other compressors 5 x its size.
Enhance your focus and maintain control with the AirCon Helmet Cooler. Engineered using cutting-edge manufacturing technology, the AirCon offers a lightweight and powerful cooling solution, while ensuring easy portability through its quick release system. Unlike ordinary cooling systems, the AirCon delivers not only cold air but also dry air, effectively preventing moisture buildup on your head and face. Experience the benefits of staying cool, focused, and in control.