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Chillout Motorsports: Your Ultimate Guide to Installing the Air Con Helmet Cooling System

Have you ever found yourself intrigued by the Air Con Helmet Cooling System from Chillout Motorsports, or perhaps you're a proud owner, eager to master its installation? This blog post offers a comprehensive guide on installing the system, its essential components, and the best practices for an optimum performance.

What Comes with the Cooling System?

The Air Con Helmet Cooling System package comes with an easily installable carbon fiber mounting plate, an 8-gauge wiring harness, and rubber standoffs, designed to mitigate heat soaking within your vehicle - an environment that's obviously subject to high temperatures.

Accessories for Optimum Performance

The system's efficiency relies heavily on the choice of accessories. Most motorsport enthusiasts might be accustomed to a three-inch ducting system, which is quite ubiquitous in the industry. However, this cooling system demands more air than a three-inch duct can supply. Therefore, Chillout Motorsports recommends using a four-inch Naca Duct along with the four-inch plenum and ducting for best results.

The three-inch ducting could still be used, but due to its restrictive nature, you would need an inline blower to ensure sufficient airflow through the system, hence keeping the condensing unit cool.

How to Install the Cooling System

The ideal installation process involves a four-inch duct and plenum. Once you've attached your ducting, the plenum is designed to stay in place by latching onto two locking pins, ensuring a secure fit within the car. The plenum can only be removed by sliding it down, which requires lifting the system out.

Chillout Motorsports highly recommends using Fluid Logic and Maglock products in tandem with the Air Con system. The tubes from these brands are lightweight, highly flexible, and cause no discomfort or drag on your helmet while driving.

Essential Accessories

The basic accessory kit needed for this setup is the Maglock Air Kit. The Maglock air hose comes in various lengths: six, eight, and ten feet.

For Steelo helmet users, Chillout Motorsports offers a great Steelo adapter that works well with the Maglock due to its round fitting. The adapter comes with an adhesive making it easy to attach to the top of your helmet.

System Operation

The system functions pretty straightforwardly. After applying power, hold down the power button for two seconds to turn it on. You can control the fan speed with three different settings, with one being the slowest and three the fastest.

The system operates within a temperature range of 50-70 degrees under race conditions. It is designed to shut down the compressor once it reaches the set temperature to save energy and prevent freezing.

For a more accessible control of the system, Chillout Motorsports offers a remote control that mimics the main unit's interface. This is ideal when the main unit is mounted in hard-to-reach places.

If you have any further questions about the product or the installation process, feel free to contact Chillout Motorsports, where Charles and his team will be ready to help you.

Watch our installation guide here!

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Ashton Tucker

Ashton Tucker

July 08, 2024

Hey I was wondering if I could get a price on the Air con helmet cooling system. Would need the complete system and all attachments for it to properly hook up to a stilo helmet. Thank you have a great day

Mike Kruell

Mike Kruell

May 26, 2024

what product do you recommend in order to help my son (14 years old) he drives in the Nsacar Trucks Series here in Mexico. Yesterday he was participating at a race here in Mexico, Monterrey where the temperature rose to 43 Centigrades Celsius and he had a severe heat stroke.
Have a great day!



November 04, 2023

Q 1 -How much price of product?

Q 2 -How much refrigerant capacity of product (btu / hr ) ?

Q 3 -It can be cool helmet and jacket as well ?

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