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Quantum Pro Installation Guide from Chillout Motorsports: A Blog Post Rundown

Hello there, motorsports enthusiasts and drivers! We know that cooling during endurance races is paramount to ensuring you're at peak performance. Today, we're sharing a walkthrough guide of Chillout Motorsports' Quantum Pro system, which is not only our best-selling product but also one of the most powerful systems manufactured to date. Check out our product introduction video onYouTube. Don’t have time to watch? Keep reading for the full video summary.

Unboxing The Quantum Pro

In the Quantum Pro package, you'll find:

  • The Quantum Pro cooler itself
  • Carbon fiber mounting plate
  • Rubber standoff feet
  • Quick-release pins
  • An 8-gauge, 12-foot wiring harness

The Quantum Pro is known for its cooling power—it's capable of over 500 watts of cooling. One of its distinguishing features is the 19-ounce reservoir, which is particularly advantageous during driver changes. This ample reservoir ensures that the driver's shirts always have enough coolant, minimizing the risk of insufficient cooling or fluid loss during driver changes, especially in long endurance races, such as 24-hour races.

Key Accessories

One of the common accessories for the Quantum Pro is the dash-mountable remote control. This accessory plugs right into the side of the Quantum Pro system and replicates the screen found on the system itself—allowing you to control and visualize everything via the remote display.

For optimal performance, Chillout Motorsports recommends ducting the Quantum Pro system, preferably using their 4-inch ducting. Once connected, the system should slide back into its mounting plate. The four-inch NACA duct and the four-inch Ram Air duct are among the most common choices. If you're using the four-inch ducting, you won't need an inline blower, ensuring a straightforward setup.

However, if you must use three-inch ducting, you'll likely need an inline blower due to increased static resistance with the tubing and fittings. For some car models like Dodge Vipers, Trans Am series cars, and Corvettes, it may be challenging to find space to mount a NACA duct of this size. In such cases, the carbon fiber Ram Air duct becomes an attractive option. It consumes the least amount of space on the car while still supplying enough airflow to the system without necessitating an inline blower.

Power Usage and Weight

The Quantum Pro system operates optimally between 18-20 amps, depending on the cooling it receives. Keeping the system cool can potentially reduce the amp draw to around 15-16 amps. Despite its powerful cooling capabilities, the Quantum Pro only weighs 10.5 pounds, thanks to its carbon fiber construction.

Setup and Maintenance

For installation, you'll need to order a coolant cable (available in 6, 10, or 14-foot lengths) to connect the Quantum Pro directly to the driver. The system comes with standard coolant hoses, but you may also opt for the Rapid Release system or no-drip connectors.

To maintain the Quantum Pro, Chillout Systems recommends using their coolant concentrate, specifically the 50% glycol blend variant. This blend prevents growth within the system and keeps the evaporator from freezing over.

Interface and Functionality

The Quantum Pro features a straightforward interface. You set the desired temperature (smaller reading), and the system shows the current temperature (larger reading). The display also shows the flow status of the system and the compressor speed. If there's an obstruction in the shirt, an error will appear.


Looking for a powerful and versatile racing system? Consider the Quantum Pro from Chillout Motorsports. Although it may not be the smallest or lightest option, its large reservoir makes it a great choice for endurance racing and frequent driver changes. To get more details or make inquiries, you can reach out to Chillout Motorsports via phone or email, or connect with one of their distributors across the country. Wishing you all happy racing!

3 Responses

Nathan stokes

Nathan stokes

November 24, 2023

Hi, do you have a system that can cool a driver and navigator at the same time for rally events? We are looking for a suitable unit to is tall in our gravel car for the 2024 ARC rally season . Thank you Nathan

Nathan stokes

Nathan stokes

November 24, 2023

Hi, do you have a system that can cool a driver and navigator at the same time for rally events? We are looking for a suitable unit to is tall in our gravel car for the 2024 ARC rally season . Thank you Nathan

Marco Flaquer (c)

Marco Flaquer (c)

November 15, 2023

What is the proportion of glycol and water

Example When reservoir is full, one driver connects to the system now change the driver and connects to the system now the level in the reservoir is to low or is not problem to the system works ok

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