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Chillout Motorsports 'Monster' MX5

At the 2021 PRI Trade Show, Chillout Motorsports showcased their latest build, an LS3 powered 'Monster' MX5 built by our very own Mike Phillips for the World Racing League endurance series. DOWNLOAD FULL SPEC SHEET

The V8 Roadster front subframe houses a 6.3L LS3 engine putting out 424hp and 413tq at the wheel. Restricted the engine will be within regulations of the World Racing League GTO class. The engine is fairly tame with a focus on the reliability of endurance racing will be reduced to around 320rwhp. 


  • V8 roadster front subframe
  • LS3 6.2L 430hp at crank
  • Cam Motion camshaft, 5150, LS Engine, Hyd Roller, 3 bolt style, 220/230 duration @.050”, .553”/.553” lift, 117 degree LSA, 113 IC XA220-325/230-325/117+4”
  • Upgrade Trunnion kit bushing replace needle bearings
  • PAC Racing 1200 series valve springs PAC-1219-16
  • Upgraded timing chain and guide
  • Avid 2 stage LS dry sump kit with 2.5gal tank, ATI dampener, external oil pump gear drive and C&R oil cooler
  • Fluidyne V8 roadster radiator
  • Turn one power steering upgraded
  • Setrab P/S cooler
  • Tilton triple disk flywheel, clutch disk, pressure plate
  • V8 roadster manifolds
  • Moroso Mazda coolant jug aluminum
  • Holley LS fuel rail
  • PTFE fuel lines throughout car
  • Stock LS3 crate engine: Intake, throttlebody, injectors, waterpump
  • CTSV front accessories drive kit
  • 2.5’’ dual exhaust with stainless Worls baffled mufflers (will not blow out).
  • Uber fan for alt cooling
  • GM altenator with ratcheting pulley
  • Spal fans radiator x2
  • K&N air filter with plastic intake tubing (no heat soak)


  • HGT 6 speed with 0.88 6th gear option
  • KMP dual valve block, shift actuator, and compressor
  • Motec paddle shift controlled unit
  • Tilton external pump and Derale cooler with shroud and fan kit
  • 8 an lines
  • 4in aluminium driveshaft
  • Dual gear pod sensor, temp sensor, output shaft speed sensor
  • HGT release bearing assemble
  • HGT cast aluminum adjustable bell housing
  • Motul 75w140 gear oil
  • Custom trans brace with poly bushing for dampening


  • Winters 10’’ Diff
  • Customized OEM subframe with 0.120 wall 1.5 DOM and Sikky brakets for RX8 design
  • OSGiken differential with endurance spec
  • 3:20 gear set (many options avaiable and easy to change)
  • Winter gear oil
  • Tilton external pump and derale cooler with shroud and fan kit


  • Drive Shaft Shop 1000 HP axles
  • Rx8 uprights, RX8 bearings
  • One spare set available as part of the spares
FUEL (93 Octane)
  • 22 gallon ATL fuel cell (car can hold 23 gallons with swirl pot and fill hose)
  • Holley hydrmats
  • Liftpump facet mounted in trunk area
  • Raduim swirl pot 0.5 gal
  • GSS342 walbro main pumps
  • Deatschwerks fuel pressure regulator
  • Redhead dry break port fill

  • Carbon fiber fender front, fender flares, hardtop, doors, decklid and vented hood
  • ARP wing
  • Racebred splitter and splitter brackets
  • Roll bar push bumpers with drop legs for splitter supports, adjustable drop links with quick pins for fast splitter removed during damges on track
  • Customradiator grill 1/4 by 1/4’’ openings tig weled frame and mesh
  • Heated windshield (Heater grid in glass not visible). Spare available
  • Uber fan for winshield
  • OEM powered mirrors
  • M150 ECU
  • C127 logger Motec
  • Avio display steering wheel with knobs, buttons, paddles
  • PDM 30 Motec
  • PMU16 (high load controls)
  • 2 keypads 30 buttons
  • Stalk combination switchs for wiper, turn signals, light control, flash feature (also on wheel)


  • OEM booster and master
  • Master modified for larger reservoir
  • Bosch Motorsport ABS (adjustable by driver)
  • Stoptech STR41 front caliper 28mm thick pads
  • Stoptech STR43 Rear Caliper smaller pistons for bias (normally front caliper) 22mm thick overall pads
  • Front rotors 355x32 stoptech areo rotor
  • Rear rotors 328x28 stoptech areo rotor
  • Custom caliper brake brakets
  • Glock endurance brake pads


  • 11 Enkie PF01 10.5’’ wide 38mm offset
  • 4 Enkie PF01 9.5’’ wide 45 offset
  • 285/30/18 various tires


  • Oil temp
  • Oil tank temp
  • Radior coolant temp
  • Cylinder head temp
  • Coolant pressure
  • Crankcase pressure
  • Fuel pressure
  • Fuel temp
  • Clutch pressure
  • Oil pressure
  • Bosch knock sensor x2
  • Trans temp
  • Diff temp
  • Cabin air temp x2 Chillout data
  • Map sensor to run engine
  • Tmap sensor in intake tube for airbox pressure and air temp
  • Tmap senor in Chillout plenum for internal data collection
  • X2 transponder

Monster Miata Interior Shot


  • Shock pods, steer, brake temps, tpms, CAN bus ports through car , brake fans per corner, aux light bar, apex lights, indepentant high beam, low beam lights, exterior marker lights


Chillout Systems Quantum Pro
Quantum Pro Remote
Chillout Systems AirCon Helmet Cooler
Maglock Helmet Kit
Fluidlogic Drink system
Racing Radios radio, harness, antenna
Sliding seat rails
OEM Seat
Safecraft belts with bungie loops for quick driver changes
Interior light strips, under dash, mounted on cage inside cockpit
OMP fire suppression system
Tunnel notch for more clearance for exhaust to be routed on passenger side away from driver
DEI wrap on lines
DEI shielding stick-on throughout tunnel for heat control
Exhaust Shielding 1/2'' DEI with tire wraps

Images courtesy of Lucas Priamo of Chevrolet Performance from the 2021 PRI Trade Show. The team spoke to the Mike Phillips about his build. You can read more on 'The Blocks' article here 👉