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Chillout Service

for your new system. Offering an extended warranty to your original service agreement. Chillout Systems is dedicated to ensuring the longevity of your product backed with the support from our expert technicians.


  • Additional 2 year extended warranty
  • One free servicing and performance check
  • Expedited loaner cooler if any issues arise 


Chillout cooling Systems come with a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty. With the purchase of this service agreement the warranty will be extended to three years. Within those three years we offer one free servicing and performance check of your Chillout Systems cooler (V3, Pro or Pit Cooler).


  • Deep cleaning of all internals (Includes fans, condenser and controller boards).
  • Evaporative coolant system check and recharge (if necessary).


In the unlikely event of a failure to your system, within your extended warranty we will expedite a replacement cooler to you to keep you and your team working at optimum performance on track. Your system will be diagnosed, serviced, repaired or replaced and sent back to you

*US only.

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Cooler: Quantum Version 3