Shift Cut Gear Knob

Strain Gauged Shift Cut Gear Knob allows clutchless flat shifting and auto-blipped downshifts

The HGT Shift Cut Knob uses a full bridge strain gauge which produces a super stable analogue output signal.
The Shift Cut Gear Knob can be retrofitted onto any HGT Shift lever, along with most other brands of shift levers in the
market. It is designed for sequential manual transmissions only ie; North-South movement on the shifter.

The knob is fitted with an internal amplifier to provide a +/- 2.5V analogue output about the neutral position. You will need an ECU capable of accepting an analogue signal to produce a programmable shift cut duration.

• Works with all Sequential Transmissions
• Fits most Shift levers or can easily be adapted
• Analogue output
• Strain gauged
• Full Bridge technology for stable output
• 5V regulated from ECU or GSC or 12V vehicle input
• 2.5 V nominal at rest - towards 5V for upshifts and towards 0V for downshifts
• Full scale deflection 33lbs
• Operating temperature –40F to 170F
• Weight 9.8 Ounces