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Rapid Release Kit Installation Guide from Chillout Motorsports: A Blog Post Rundown

Hello there, motorsports aficionados! This time we're focusing on installing the Rapid Release Kit on Chillout Motorsports' Pro Touring shirt. It's a simple process, but some of you might find it a little bit tricky, particularly because of additional parts that we've included to prevent kinking - the most common issue we've seen related to the flow of our system.

To better understand this process, let's dive into this step-by-step guide which breaks down Chillout Motorsports' YouTube tutorial.

Inside the Rapid Release Kit

The kit comes with everything you need to connect your Pro Touring shirt to your car. This includes:

  • Rapid Release connectors
  • Stainless steel reinforced tubes
  • Various barrel connectors for different types of shirts
  • Heat shrink and sheathing to protect your setup and keep it neat

Installing the Rapid Release Kit

Let's start with installing the Rapid Release connectors on your shirt.

Step 1: Prepare the Shirt

Begin by cutting off the existing tubing on your shirt about an inch and a half from the shirt itself. We've included longer, stainless steel reinforced tubes in the kit. These reinforced tubes prevent any issues with kinking. You can bend them in half, squish them, sit on them, and they will not impede the flow.

Step 2: Attach the Reinforced Tubes

Next, connect the reinforced tubes to the shirt. You may need a heat gun to make the tubes on the shirt more malleable for the new barrel connectors. Make sure you use the right barrel connectors - for Chillout Motorsports shirts, use the quarter to quarter inch barrel connectors.

Step 3: Tidy up with Sheathing and Shrink

After connecting the reinforced tubes, slide on the sheathing and shrink to keep everything neat and protected. Ensure that the tubes are flat inside the sheathing and not overlapping. Use a heat gun to shrink the heat shrink onto the tubes, but be careful not to overheat and melt the sheathing.

Step 4: Connect to Your Vehicle

Now you're ready to connect your Pro Touring shirt to your vehicle. The six-foot or ten-foot hose you purchased will come with male CPC connectors. Slide these connectors out and onto the prongs of the reinforced tubes. If you're worried about security, feel free to use the included zip ties to keep everything in place.

Your Rapid Release kit comes with a roll bar mount that can easily be affixed to your roll bar using the supplied strong zip ties. To prevent any movement, you might want to remove the plastic cover off the adhesive tape on the mount. However, if the roll bar mount isn't suitable, there's also a flat mount that you can attach to the side of the seat or perhaps the center console.


And there you have it! Your Rapid Release Kit should now be successfully installed onto your Chillout Motorsports Pro Touring shirt, promising a flow issue-free experience during your drive. With a Rapid Release Kit, you'll find that detaching and attaching your shirt to your vehicle is as easy as a click.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to Chillout Motorsports. Stay cool, and drive safe!

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