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  1. How does the Quantum Cooler work? 

    The Quantum Cooler keeps you cool and focused in extreme temperatures by pumping a propylene glycol coolant formula through specially designed cooling apparel.

    Powered by a rotary micro-compressor, the system requires zero ice to operate.

    Combined with a cooling shirt that has a structured vein layout that covers more surface area of the body, our design has the most superior heat exchange rate than any other cooling system on the market.


    1. How is the Quantum Cooler able to generate so much power for its size?

    The Quantum Cooler has one of the highest power to weight ratio rotary micro-compressors in the world. Capable of producing as much cooling power as a compressor 5x its size - this is the heartbeat of our cooling system.


    1. How is the Quantum Cooler different from other cooling systems?

    The Quantum Cooler requires no ice to operate because it runs on our specially formulated Coolant Formula.

    It runs on a continuous cooling cycle, therefore will cool as long as the system is turned on.

    It’s extremely lightweight, compact, and has a fluid flow rate of 20 liters per minute at 16 psi. The rotary micro-compressor inside is as strong as other systems 5 times its size. 

    It requires zero maintenance and allows you to set and change your temperature to your needs.


    1. What does the Coolant Formula consist of?

    The ingredients for the Coolant Formula includes propylene glycol and a subtle fungicide for longevity of the system. This formula is 100% non-toxic, food-grade and biodegradable.


    1. How cold can the Quantum Cooler make a person while in operation?

    At 110º ambient, the Quantum Cooler is capable of chilling to an electronically limited 35º F. 

    Operating temperatures are adjustable from 35º to 70º. The recommended temperature setting is 55º F. We recommend this mid-range temperature because studies show that temperatures below 55º can shock the capillaries just below the surface of the skin and cause them to close, actually causing your body to hold heat. 55º - 60º around the torso and vital regions of the body is most effective, cooling your body from the core. 


    1. How long does the Quantum Cooler operate before needing to be refilled?

    The Quantum Cooler functions on a continuous cycle. Your driving schedule and how often you use the system effects how often you need to refill the coolant reservoir. The Quantum Cooler only requires about 5 oz. of a four to one coolant formula to distilled water mixture, so we recommend topping off before every use to prevent the system from running dry. 


    1. What are the dimensions and weight of the Quantum Cooler?

    The dimensions of the Quantum Cooler are 10.75” x 6.5” x 6” and it weighs less than 11lbs. (10.5 lbs empty and 12 lbs with fluid, mounting plate and pins connected) 


    1. How are the ChillOut Systems' driver cooling shirts designed and how are they different from one another?  

    The Club Series Driver Cooling Shirt has three layers: two layers of ultimate stretch soft cotton encasing a layer of cooling veins and a snug stretchy innermost layer. 

    The Pro Touring Sport Series Driver Cooling Shirt is SFI rated. It's a single layer of stretchy, lightweight SFI certified fabric that supports a layer of thermo-conductive, self-extinguishing cooling veins. This driver cooling shirt was perfectly designed to be worn under a racing suit. 

    The Pro Touring Series Driver Cooling Shirt is an SFI Certified race-ready cooling shirt that involves three layers: two layers of a durable, stretchy SFI rated fabric  encasing a strategically structured layer of 160 ft. of cooling veins that cover the entire torso. 

    All three ChillOut Systems' driver cooling shirts are designed to contour to the body, fitting like a second skin. This pattern prevents from unwanted bunches when worn under a racing suit. 

    The material used to create ChillOut Systems' cooling veins is medical grade, matte-finish, self-extinguishing tubing that is gathered at flexible manifolds. The manifolds allow 10% more liquid transfer than standard shirts and are set on a constant-refreshing cycle so the coolest liquid is always against your skin. 


    1. How can I tell that my ChillOut Systems cooling shirt is working?

    You'll feel it getting colder. It can take up to four minutes to reach the set temperature. You will be able to see the temperature changing on the digital display. You will also be able to see the formula mixture (slightly bluish) running through the tubes. 

    As the system works on a circuit, it will not start to cool unless a garment is connected to the Quantum Cooler. 

    If your system is turned on (you hear it running) but you do not feel the shirt getting colder: 

    - Check to make sure all of the connectors are inserted all the way. The system works on a circuit, therefore, if a connector is not fastened all the way, the shirt will not cool and the digital display will show an "E2" error. 

    - Check the coolant level. The system must always have coolant formula in the reservoir to work. 

    - Try resetting the system by turning it off and on again, disconnect the power cable from the unit and re-plug it back in. You can also shake the system. Unplug the unit, make sure it has fluid inside the reservoir, and shake vigorously. This re-lubricates the internals and can often fix an E2 error code. 

    - If you've tried these options and your still having trouble, call the ChillOut service number and explain (or send pictures by email) of your install to one of our team members. Often times, when we see the install, we can achieve a solution sooner. 

    *Sometimes, if an error code is thrown (if coolant level was low, something isn't fastened all the way... etc.) the system will protect itself by cutting off. 


    1. How can I control the temperature of my Quantum Cooler?

    A digital display on top of the Quantum Cooler communicates the current temperature. A dash-mountable wired remote control that displays set temperature is also available.


    1. Can the Quantum Cooler cool more than one person at a time?

    Depending on the ambient temperature at the time, the car and install, the Quantum Cooler is designed to run up to 3 garments at a time. 


    1. What are the power requirements to power a Quantum Cooler?

    While power draw can spike to 25 amps max, depending on your surrounding temperature, average draw is 15-18 amps. The system runs on 24 volts outside of the car with our AC adapter, while it runs on 12 volts inside the vehicle.

    Tested in extreme temperatures around 120º, our system uses around 330 watts at maximum.  

    We highly recommend adding an inline fuse within 6 inches from the power supply, utilize to an ACC trigger wire, 1"-1.5" spacers between your cooler and floor pan for air circulation, inline fans and NACA ducting to prevent from heat soak and high amp draw. Forcing cooler ambient air to the intake of the Quantum Cooler can significantly affect the draw rate. 



    1. How do I install the Quantum Cooler?

    The Quantum Cooler requires a 12 V 30 amp or greater power supply. We recommend you install to accessory and add an inline fuse within 6 inches from the power supply. Note* the red wire is positive, the blue/black is ground. 

    Mount the base plate. The base mounts with four 6 mm counter sink bolts. Mounting location should be in the coolest, most ventilated portion of the vehicle. Cooler air will boost efficiency and reduce current draw, therefore, mount system where intake is facing away from transmission tunnel and exhaust. Do not mount system over transmission tunnel or exhaust.

    We recommend you use 1"-1.5" spacers between the cooler and the floor pan to allow cooler air to circulate under the system to prevent overheating. In some vehicles, a NACA duct and blower may be necessary to source cooler air.

    Operating temperatures should not exceed 140º F without additional fans or blower. If temperature exceeds 140º F, system will shut off to prevent overheating. 

    Consider the shorter the length of the cooling hose, the more efficient the hose will be. Hoses can be cut to fit and shrink wrapped for a clean, finished look.

    Visit our website for installation videos and more tips.


    1. What are the maintenance requirements for the Quantum Cooler?

    There are zero maintenance requirements for the Quantum Cooler.

    We only suggest that you top the Coolant Formula off before every use to prevent from ever running the system dry. 


    1. Do you offer replacement or spare installation parts?

    ChillOut Systems offers replacement and spare installation parts. If you have additional questions about which parts you might need, please reach out to us.



    16. Is there a sizing chart for the shirts so I’ll know what size to order?

    We will have a sizing chart on our website soon. Keep in mind that the ChillOut Systems' driver cooling shirts are designed to fit snug, especially at the bottom seam to prevent the garment from bunching or riding up under a race suit.


    17. Are there additional accessories for the Quantum Cooler?

    There are many accessories available including: carbon fiber plenums, NACA ducts, blowers, a 110-220 volt power supply that powers the Quantum Cooler outside of the car, additional Cooler Base Plates (including a carbon fiber option), dash-mountable remote control, breakaway safety release fittings, hose adapters, relay switches and additional Coolant Formula.

    One of our favorite accessories to recommend are additional dual prong connectors and tubes for priming and pre-cooling! 



    18. Is the Quantum Cooler compatible with other-branded cooling shirts?

    The Quantum Cooler is 100% compatible with other cooling system brands. With a ¼” adapter, you can use your favorite cotton or SFI rated cooling shirt with our Quantum Cooler system.

    19. Can I use standard freon or water in my Quantum Cooler if I wanted to?

    You should not put anything inside of the Quantum Cooler except a 4/1 ratio of distilled water and our specially formulated coolant formula for this type of compressor. Any other fluids including freon could cause the system to freeze up or congeal, evidently breaking the system. 



    1. Can I purchase a Quantum Cooler direct, or through a vendor?

    Chillout Systems will be selling direct to consumer until the official launch on April 1. Shortly after, we will list the additional vendors we will be working with.

    Feel free to request a vendor local to you!


    1. What is the warranty for Chillout Systems components?

    The warranty for Quantum Coolers is 18 months. If you order a cooling garment and it doesn’t fit properly, there is a 48 hour limit on returns for size replacement.


    1. What is Chillout Systems return policy?

    Return policy is 30 days, excluding cooling garments and shipping.


    1. Does Chilout Systems ship internationally?

    Chillout Systems does ship internationally.

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