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Club Series Cooling Shirt

Made from dual layers of soft-stretch cotton, the Club Series Cooling Shirt is one of the most comfortable shirts on the market. The dual layer conceals a strategically structured layer of thermal conductive cooling veins that target the most vital region of the body – the core.

The concealed cooling veins are constructed of a fire-resistant, self-extinguishing compound developed by the US Military. Rugged and durable, perfect for drivers who wish to stay focused by regulating their core temperature.

While our other shirts are designed specifically for our Quantum Coolers, the Club Series can also be paired with an ice-based cooling system.


  • Compatible with Dry-Release hose connectors (Sold Separately)
  • Compatible with ice-based cooling systems


  • Club Series Cooling Shirt 

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Size: 3XL
Color: Black
Manifold Postion: Right Side