Pro Touring Sport Cooling Shirt

Single layered SFI rated material supporting flexible, thermally conductive cooling veins - the Pro Touring Sport Series is our lightweight, mid-tier cooling shirt perfectly designed to be worn under a racing suit.

Sport is the lite variant of the Pro Touring Series. Purposefully thinner, the Pro Touring Sport consists of one layer of SFI rated material for a lighter fit. When worn beneath your race suit, the optimum temperature is trapped inside creating a micro-climate to keep you cool, comfortable and focused.

Systems that require ice are often too cold (32º F or below) for efficient cooling, causing the capillaries just below the skin’s surface to close, slowing blood flow on its route back to the core. These types of systems give the the perception of cooling by changing the temperature of the surface of the skin without actually lowering the body’s temperature.

The Pro Touring Series Cooling Shirts are specifically designed to contour perfectly to your torso, simulating a second skin, keeping the cooling veins directly in contact with your body. Heat exhaustion can break your focus and force errors. The structured cooling vein design of ChillOut Systems’ garments cool the whole core and boost your mental focus

Our shirts require a Dual Prong Connector to connect to our system.


  • SFI Rated
  • Lightweight
  • Single layer


  • Pro Touring Sport Series Cooling Shirt
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