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Chill Station - Pit Cooler

Pre-cool your drivers while keeping your crew comfortable and focused with our extremely powerful and light weight pit cooler system. The Chill Station easily keeps 6 adults cool (or up to 12 adults with 6 x Y split hoses) thanks to 3 super powerful 1,870 BTU rotary micro-compressors on board. A sizable 40 liter per minute pump system maintains 20 psi at all times ensuring everyone connected remains cool.

A real game changer, the Chill Station creates a micro-climate inside that keeps you sweat free while out of the car. Perfect for endurance teams with multiple drivers and teams that are operating in intense climates on track.


  • 3 x 1,870 BTU rotary micro-compressors
  • Connect up to 12 adults (using our Y-split hoses)
  • Pumps 40 L per minute at 20 psi


  • Chill Station
  • Power Cable

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