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3" Ultra Transparent NACA Duct

Ultra transparent and wind tunnel tested, our 3-inch NACA duct provides optimal performance when combined with our  Uber3 3" 275 CFM Blower in conjunction with 3-inch tube ducting and 3-inch plenums.

Our ultra-transparent injection molded plastic is unmatched compared to the ordinary, cloudy, and brittle vacuum-formed NACA ducts found in most race cars. The molded plastics that we produce retain their shape when enduring high speeds, resisting degradation or frosting caused by heat or sun exposure for unbeatable performance at all times. While injection molding is more costly than vac-forming, you will get a superior product with long-lasting durability as well as an attractive design — making it ideal for those looking to achieve optimal look and results from their vehicles.

NACA ducts bring air into a vehicle with minimal increase in drag. The purpose of a NACA duct is to increase the flow rate of air through it while not disturbing the boundary layer. When the cross-sectional flow area of the duct is increased, you decrease the static pressure and make the duct into a vacuum cleaner, but without the drag effects of a plain scoop. The reason why the duct is narrow, then suddenly widens in a graceful arc is to increase the cross-sectional area slowly so that airflow doesn’t separate and cause turbulence and drag. 

  • IMSA Compliant
  • Lightweight
  • Crystal Clear
  • Heavy Duty 

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