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Top Air Appliqué for Stilo

Designed for performance, the Chillout Carbon Fiber Top Air Appliqué for Stilo directs air via the rear intake barb and through small holes located on all ST5 helmets. 

Constructed from ultra light weight and incredibly resilient, pre-impregnated, dry carbon fiber, the front deflector improves vision by directing air towards the visor and away from the eyes. Old air flows out of the rear holes and from the bottom of the helmet, forcing out hot air and CO2 build-up.  


  • Constructed from 1mm dry 3k 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber
  • Connects directly to the Maglock or FluidLogic Helmet air system 
  • Compatible with most Stilo helmets
  • Ultra lightweight and durable 
  • One piece carbon fiber construction, no glue or plastic used. 

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      Helmet Size: Small (54-59)