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Enhance your focus and maintain control with the AirCon Helmet Cooler. Engineered using cutting-edge manufacturing technology, the AirCon offers a lightweight and powerful cooling solution, while ensuring easy portability through its quick release system. Unlike ordinary cooling systems, the AirCon delivers not only cold air but also dry air, effectively preventing moisture buildup on your head and face. Experience the benefits of staying cool, focused, and in control.

Adjustable Speed Controls: Enjoy a comfortable range of air speeds with our AirCon's adjustable controls, conveniently managed from the full-color, multi-function display.

Streamlined Design: The ChillOut Systems AirCon boasts an impressively lightweight and compact design, allowing for easy mounting in virtually any location. Similar in size to our Quantum Pro model, the AirCon weighs only 10.5 lbs.

Optimal Performance: Generating a powerful airflow of 31.75 cubic feet per minute (cfm), the ChillOut Systems AirCon keeps drivers operating within the peak performance range, capable of lowering temperatures by as much as 65º below the ambient temperature. During endurance racing, the AirCon system typically maintains temperatures between 50º-55º, providing a remarkable cooling effect that surpasses the average summer ambient temperatures found on the track.

Effortless Detachment for Mobile Teams: The AirCon features a convenient quick release mechanism, allowing teams on the go to easily detach the unit from its carbon fiber base with the pull of two quick-release pins.

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Mason Hadley

Mason Hadley

October 17, 2023

Hello. Wanting to get some information on the helmet blower

Thank you

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