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In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the nitty-gritty of installing and optimally using the Air Con Helmet Cooling System from Chillout Motorsports. Understand what comes in the package, the accessories for peak performance, and the best way to install it in your car. We also discuss the benefits of using Fluid Logic and Maglock products with our system. Plus, for Steelo helmet users, we have a special adapter that promises convenience and efficiency. To top it all off, we explore the system operation, including its energy-saving features and the use of a remote for easy control. If you need any more information, Chillout Motorsports is always here to assist you.
Chillout Motorsports' Cipher Pro is a lightweight, carbon fiber constructed cooling system featuring three feet of pre-installed coolant hose, external inverters, a remote control for adjusting fan speeds and temperature, and three temperature settings. The system includes a plenum replacing the fan system, enhancing cooling efficiency, and a high-performance 275 CFM fan system. Priming is a necessary step for optimal operation, requiring a full concentration of coolant to remove air bubbles. It's advisable to perform this daily and plan to replace the pump, which is designed to last for over 150 hours, to maintain system performance. For further details, users can contact Chillout Motorsports.
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The Quantum Pro is a cooling system that is capable of over 500 watts of cooling and has a 19-ounce reservoir that ensures the driver’s shirts always have enough coolant, minimizing the risk of insufficient cooling or fluid loss during driver changes, especially in long endurance races, such as 24-hour races. One of its distinguishing features is the dash-mountable remote control that plugs right into the side of the Quantum Pro system and replicates the screen found on the system itself—allowing you to control and visualize everything via the remote display. Chillout Motorsports recommends ducting the Quantum Pro system, preferably using their 4-inch ducting. If you’re using the four-inch ducting, you won’t need an inline blower, ensuring a straightforward setup.
How to Install the Rapid Release Kit from Chillout Motorsports. A detailed step-by-step guide on how to install the Rapid Release Kit on the Chillout Motorsports' Pro Touring shirt. This guide aims to simplify the process and prevent common issues related to kinking. We'll take you through the entire process, from preparing your shirt and attaching reinforced tubes, to securing your setup neatly and connecting it to your vehicle. If you're looking to make your motorsport experience flow issue-free and want to know how to detach and attach your shirt to your vehicle with ease, don't miss out on this installation guide.

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